Saturday, April 23, 2011

Girl Friend

This past month I have been thinking how little to none I have with having friends that are girls. The type of girl friends that I would have liked to ask to go shopping or the ones I would have asked to come with me for a summer get-a-way.

I blame my college for having more boys than girls and I blame myself in picking a college that boys are more interested in than girls. I could have went to somewhere the ratio of girls and boys is 1:1 instead of 1:10. I also blame myself being unsociable and timid around girls. I tend to shut up, stay quiet and keep to myself especially when I really don't know the person.

I get jealous at times when people don't ask me to go out. And at times I feel really really bad that I can't go even if I wanted to because of other obligations. Look at me, writing on my blog that I pretend somebody reads.

Now, my world feels so tiny and I want to extend it somehow.

It's not that I don't want to have friends that are mostly composed of boys but instead I wish I had more close girl friends (and I emphasize on girl friends being plural) instead of having just one to even it out.


Manda said...

It's not you, girls are harder to approach I feel. I have the same problem. I hate feeling like I am being judged and my guys friends do not judge me and my unique ways and girls think that my quirky ways and the dumb things I do with out thinking are to get attention when thats not the case at all. I just have my ways even though they are quirky.

Allen's Grey Matter Inc. © 200...whatever !! said...

First time to your blog. Interesting and a bit saddening as well.. Common..!!

People never really do stuff for you. So let them not dictate terms. Be yourself and there will be people will like and love you for what you are. Sounds cliche but we're better off without people/friends for whom friend is a degree in dramatic excellence.

Sessalli said...

ok seriously don't be jealous of me going to an all-girls boarding school AHAHAHAHA. (that was a joke, sarcasm doesn't come accross well on through text) like seriously I think coming from here and going there would be awesome. I think that you just don't get a long with girls as well as you do with guys because you don't like the drama, and how we're so neurotic about nothing (guys are too, but not like we are). Then again you must consider the fact that you guys friends are you friends and cherish that fact, because some girls don't have friends because they're bitches. like seriously you are so lucky...I'm sooo jealous.

Francis Caron said...

Just to say that I just visited your deviantart and I really like your style. It's very cute!

I just started a blog myself where people can see my drawings a bit more, feel free to visit!

See you