Saturday, June 4, 2011


I was not expecting last night that my high school friends will have a sort off reunion. Sort off because they really didn't tell me that it was a reunion. I thought that it was just an ordinary dinner with some of my high school friends, may be 5 or 7 people would be coming. I really was the one surprised to see them than they seeing me because officially I was not coming but my best friend pushed me to go.

Anyway, it was a nice night. I got to chat with them again. Maybe not all of them, but most of them at dinner. We joked around, talked, took pictures and ate. I was observing our table and listening as they talked. It was funny how it struck me that out last reunion was when we were fresh out of high school and our reunion this time when most of us are working. This time around we talked about shares, work, work life, experiences as opposed to last time where we talked about missing each other and how high school was so much different from college. Our conversations are more mature, we got a little less rowdy, and how some had changed and some stayed the same.

After eating, we went casino! It was my first time! We played the slot machine, the horse thing and roulette. My best friend and I had 100 credits free from registering at Resort's world as a member. We played around 10 credits for the slot machine and my best friend played 90 credits in the horse thingy that we did not even understand! Then we played the roulette which we also did not win. But it was a fun experience. Somebody ought to teach us how to play casino games next time!

We also went home early compared to my other high school friends. I was also tired and so was my best friend. But, I did really enjoy our reunion. Everyone was nice and I really missed them. Of course I hope they don't make it a habit because I might go broke with dinner and casino after! LOL. Kidding

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