Saturday, February 11, 2012

Books, Nook and cranny

I have been obsessing over books these couple of weeks. I think it already has been a month. I have been reading non-stop. I open my reader whenever I can: while travelling, while working, before sleeping. It takes up most of my time now. I get super obsessive if I want to be. For now, reading is like breathing.

There is nothing like getting sucked into an author's world. It is so amazing how they create this whole new world (especially dystopian themes). Plus you get to imagine that characters, the setting. Makes me feel like I'm there. I get lost in words. I get lost in their world. It feels like an escape for me; from everything that has been going on with my life. While I'm there, nothing could touch me. Nothing I need to worry but what will happen in the next chapter or in the next book.

May be what I'm really doing is drowning my sorrows. May be I am afraid of facing my fears. May be I am searching for something in these books.

For now, nothing beats the comfort of knowing I can skip to the end.

And I am putting that obsessiveness to work! I will be posting book reviews from my other blog (Chocolate Dump). Hope that it would be awesomely awesome. Looking forward to more posts! Be sure to visit my blog when I do!

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D.G said...

One suggestion for your blog, why don't you put pictures to posts, it'll look cooler and you'll get more visitors if you put tags to the images :)

And about the post, I feel the same for books just like you haha.
But I don't consider it as a problem because reading never harmed anyone. Just take care of your eyes, rest every 30 minutes :)

Respect from Dasar,